Custom Basketball Jerseys

Our high-quality custom basketball uniforms are reasonably priced, given the large choice of design options and printing technologies that enable us to integrate our customers' trademarks, company names, logos, team names, bespoke designs, and any text messages. We are committed to providing design flexibility and high-quality materials to our customers. All our products and services are priced at the best competitive price. We can offer personalised basketball uniforms at the finest prices because of our vinyl heat transfer, screen, and sublimation printing capabilities. We only charge according to the market price and never charge high rates for our service. We are transparent in our pricing as well as in all our activities.

Custom basketball jerseys and shorts are designed and manufactured by us keeping in mind about the breathability of those who wear it.

The fabrics are selected after several discussions with the client. According to the requirement we will design the custom basketball jerseys. From the initial process to the final process of delivering the product our team works diligently to meet the expectations of our clients. Our products are supplied continuously without any hindrance and we make sure that the products reach the clients on time.

While playing basketball it is important to have right fitting uniforms so that the players can play the game with ease without worrying about the uncomfortable uniform fit. Tight clothing can restrict the movement affecting the player to play properly. Uniforms also showcase the unity of a team and make it easily possible to recognize the team members during a game. Players feel a sense of togetherness by wearing uniforms. Fans and supporters can also identify a team by looking at the uniforms. Therefore it is important to have attractive and unique custom basketball jerseys and shorts. We will help you to choose the finest custom basketball jerseys and shorts which will make your team stand apart from your counterparts.

Custom Basketball Jerseys
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Budget Uniforms – Custom Basketball Uniforms & Jerseys

Hit the court in style and comfort with our custom basketball jerseys and uniforms, designed to elevate your game and make a bold statement on the court. At Budget Uniforms, we offer a range of customization options for basketball enthusiasts and teams, enabling you to create unique designs that reflect your brand, style, and team identity.

Custom Sublimated Basketball Jerseys: Vibrant, Durable, and Unique

  • Embrace the popularity of custom sublimated basketball jerseys, known for their vibrant, long-lasting, and high-quality designs.
  • Dye-sublimation printing process ensures precise and detailed designs that capture even the smallest details.
  • Create logos, color schemes, and designs that reflect your team’s identity and distinguish them in the league.

  • Unmatched Comfort and Performance

  • Our custom team uniforms are crafted from breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying materials, perfect for intense games.
  • Tailored for comfort, flexibility, and performance-enhancing features, suitable for professional and amateur teams alike.

  • Design Your Dream Basketball Jerseys with Ease

  • Utilize our customization option to create custom basketball jerseys from scratch.
  • Choose from a variety of basketball-specific designs and refine them to your preferences.
  • Add patterns, color gradients, team logos, crests, player numbers, and names with ease.
  • Budget Uniforms use high-quality fabrics and materials for every custom basketball uniform.

  • The Perfect Custom Basketball Jerseys for Your Team

    At Budget Uniforms Oman, we specialize in creating high-quality custom basketball jerseys that will make your team stand out on the court. Whether you’re a professional team, a school team, or a recreational league, we have the perfect solution for your basketball uniform needs.

    Custom basketball uniforms in Oman serve as a visual representation of team spirit and dedication. They not only enhance the overall aesthetic appeal but also contribute to a sense of unity and pride among the players. This article explores the significance of custom basketball uniforms in Oman, highlighting their ability to showcase team identity, provide customization options, offer advanced features, and foster branding.

    Custom basketball uniforms allow teams in Oman to design uniforms that align with their specific vision, colors, and branding. This customization enables teams to create a distinct identity that sets them apart from others. With unique patterns, font styles, player names, numbers, and team logos, these uniforms become a visual representation of the team’s spirit and character.

    Teams have a wide range of customization options when designing their basketball uniforms. They can choose from various patterns, fonts, colors, and logo placements to create a personalized look. This level of customization empowers teams to craft uniforms that reflect their personality and resonate with their players and fans.

    Basketball jersey design uniforms in Oman are made from high-quality materials that offer specific features to enhance performance. These materials provide breathability, ensuring players stay cool and comfortable during intense games. They often have moisture-wicking properties, drawing sweat away from the body to regulate temperature and minimize discomfort. The uniforms are also designed for durability, withstanding the demands of the game and maintaining their quality over time.
    Custom uniforms play a significant role in branding for basketball teams in Oman. By prominently displaying team logos, colors, and branding elements, these uniforms establish a recognizable and cohesive image for the team. They foster a sense of pride among players and create a strong visual identity that can be easily recognized by fans and opponents alike.

    Design & print your own custom
    basketball jersey

    Uniting the Team

    Custom basketball uniforms contribute to team unity by creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie. When players wear uniforms that represent their team, they feel connected and motivated to work together towards a common goal. The uniforms serve as a unifying element, instilling a sense of pride and belonging among team members.

    Custom basketball uniforms are of great importance in Oman, serving as a visual representation of team spirit and dedication. They allow teams to showcase their identity, provide customization options to reflect their unique style, offer advanced features for performance, and contribute to team branding. These uniforms play a vital role in unifying teams and fostering a sense of pride among players, while also enhancing the overall basketball experience in Oman.

    Custom Basketball Uniforms & Jerseys

    Players are identified by the games they play, and even how they ‘look’. Their attire plays an important role in exuding confidence while they play. Custom football jerseys foster team spirit, unity and a sense of team identity. Fans and supporters cheer when they see the players come out of the pavilion in well-fitted, well-designed jerseys.

    With customisation comes a great deal of personalisation options because you can design the jerseys according to your logo, add the names of sponsors, player names and numbers to make them more pronounced and attractive. This personal touch plays an important role in bringing cohesiveness and structure to the team.

    Budget Uniforms Oman is a custom basketball jersey maker with experience in designing and stitching high quality jerseys for a large customer base. Our jerseys are made from the best moisture-wicking materials in the market, and they are light-weight too, keeping the players agile and fast moving in the field. They will be able to run smoothly, tackle and move quickly as the jersey fits perfectly well, contoured to their body shape. The jersey absorbs sweat and dries quickly so you don’t have to worry about sweat weighing them down.

    Our custom basketball jerseys are vastly stretchable, and come in different sizes and colours. You can design the jersey for your team’s game or get individual jerseys to support your favourite team. Whatever your reason for ordering is, you can order high quality, durable jerseys from Budget Uniform and flaunt it proudly.

    If you have a design in mind, we can choose the right material and stitch it accordingly, complete with all the logos and other branded embellishments that you need. If not, our jersey fashion designer will be in touch with you to understand your needs. You can discuss your idea, the colours and logos, and names of sponsors to be added on to the jerseys and we will design it accordingly. We can place the numbers and names on the front and back of the jerseys, and help you choose the size and design of the numbers, if required. Budget Uniforms has a team of highly qualified and certified designers who can customise the jerseys according to your specific requirements, and make them unique and attractive. Let us help make your custom basketball jerseys – an identity you would love to cherish and carry.

    Design your Own custom Basketball Jerseys

    Here are some of the customizations that we can do to make your jersey stand out from among the rest:

    Neck type





    Add patterns

    Colour gradients

    Team logos


    Player numbers and names

    Our basketball jerseys are designed and stitched with all these customisation options in mind. Let your team’s spirit grow untethered with the multiple personalisation options that we have. You can sit down with our fashion designers and discuss the styles, colour schemes, designs and logos you need incorporated within them. The designers will go through every minute specifications so you can have a totally unique jersey style for your team. You can add your team’s specific features and uniqueness in the jerseys because these jerseys would be your identity, and people would recognise you for them.

    How to order custom custom basketball jerseys

    Ordering the custom jerseys from us is so simple. Once you choose to design custom basketball jerseys with your choice of material, design, colours, logos and other specifications, we will stitch them as per the order received, with no minimum order. These will then be packed, shipped and sent to your address so you will receive them in the shortest time possible. Once you make the order we will be able to give you an estimate of when to expect the package.



    We offer replica, authentic and swingman custom basketball jerseys. The difference lies in the cost, overall quality and material used.
    Yes, we offer custom basketball jerseys, so you can design them according to your needs and specifications, add your brand name and logo, etc.
    Our jerseys come in different sizes, from small to plus size.
    The standard turnaround time for the custom basketball jerseys is 10-20 business days.
    The jerseys can be washed in cold water and gently too. It can be washed in a machine, but make sure it is inside out so the jersey doesn’t fade or shrink. It is advisable not to use fabric softener.
    We use high quality material for stitching the jerseys. We also have an incredible team of talented designers to make each jersey unique in their style and design.
    Our designers are highly qualified experts who can come up with personalised designs in an instant. They are creative and dedicated individuals who can spot the uniqueness in every team, and portray them through their designs.
    We provide customisation options in every aspect of designing your basketball jersey whether it is for material, colour scheme, design, neckline, embroidery, logo, crests, colour gradients, patterns etc.
    Of course, yes. We have several attractive styles that you can go over on our website. Or you can seek the assistance of our designers to go over various style options they suggest.
    The materials used in the basketball jerseys are polyester, nylon, cotton, mesh, dazzle to give it a durable, soft feel, complete with moisture wicking capabilities.
    Yes, we offer a range of adult sizes for custom basketball jerseys and options for kids too.
    Yes, we have design templates for you to choose from, or you can create your own design. We also have a team of designers to help with the customisation and personalisation.
    We can produce the custom basketball jerseys and send them over to your address within 7 days. The production time will also depend on the number of orders received.
    You can get in touch with our order team to know more information about the customization revisions or changes for the jerseys.
    Take good care of the jerseys and make sure they are inside out before washing. Then hang the jersey up to dry. You can also hang the jersey for a quick dry if you are not washing it directly.
    Of course, yes. We have a team of fashion designers who can design the jersey, logos, colour gradient and scheme, if required.

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