How to Design an Amazing and Memorable Basketball Uniform

Would you like to look like pros wearing custom basketball jerseys when you are out playing a basketball match? You would like to get them printed in the highest quality at competitive rates.  It would be really great to have your own jerseys fitted and printed to the way you want it, right? And you can have a large selection of designs to choose from, name, numerical, clip art images, player names, etc. 

Here’s how you can design your own custom basketball jerseys

Put your creative skills to good use here and design your own basketball jersey. Here are some tips to help you with that:

Team name – There is a lot in a name! So one of the first things that you must do would be to decide on a catchy and innovative team name. A distinct name will most definitely stand out on the jersey, and people are likely to remember you more effortlessly. 

Colours – So what are the colours that define your team? You can get really innovative and creative with the colours, using a lovely mix of red, navy blues, yellows, oranges, black and greens. The colours should speak out the team’s attitude.

Fonts – It could be quite confusing deciding what kind of a font to use for your jerseys. The font must be clear, sporty, taller, thinner or whichever way you want it, so go over each of the options carefully before you finalise. The font style you choose will certainly set your team apart from the rest. 

The team logo – If you have a graphic designer friend, or if you are a designer yourself, create a jaw-dropping logo for your basketball jersey. Or you can go to any stock photography site and choose any suitable design. You can add this logo on your jersey, but remember, it should be legible and clear enough to endure the sublimation process.

Deciding on your budget

Custom jerseys are affordable and fun to plan. If you have sponsors, then you can keep the figure in mind and allot the same to include the jersey expenses. The best thing about designing your own jerseys is that you can make sure it is made of the highest quality materials. When you approach uniform manufacturing companies, you can decide each and every aspect of the jersey, making the jerseys themselves special and competitive. 

Once you finish designing, go over your specifications thoroughly to see if there is anything that needs to be changed. You can go over the images and verify before giving the final order. 


Uniform manufacturing companies use good quality materials, sustainable methods and be nicely absorbent and lightweight. Your custom basketball jerseys will be printed using the latest technology available through high quality heat transfers, screen printing done with top quality ink, sublimation and so on.  Get ready to play the hoop in your sporting and head-turning jerseys. Order and print your orders today for your team, and you can be distinctive not only in your gaming, but in the way you look as well. 

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