Recreation Shoe

The Recreation Shoe conforms to the contours of your foot in a unique and pleasant way. Its low top form is perfect for jogging, working out, or simply kicking around. The soft knit top and neoprene bootie allow for the breathable design. The stretch-fit elastic band is fastened with a Velcro strap, allowing you to adjust the fit for maximum comfort. The rear pull-tabs allow for easy access while keeping the shoe's antique look and feel. If you want additional support, the lightweight EVA outsole incorporates rubber pods that provide traction, cushioning, and abrasion resistance. Recreational shoes are available in sizes ranging from 35 to 47 in white/white, black/black, black/white, brown/white, navy blue/black, and red/red. The codes are as follows: Style code 15600, Style code 15601, Style code 15602, Style code 15603, Style code 15604, and Style code 23401. Those are produced in India. People from several cultures remove their shoes before entering a dwelling. Bare feet are commonly associated with humility and reverence, and many religious adherents pray or mourn while barefoot. Before entering sacred locations such as temples, several religious organisations require visitors to remove their shoes. People remove their shoes as a symbol of respect for someone of greater status in various cultures. Similarly, forcing others to go barefoot while remaining shod oneself has been utilised to plainly display and portray dominance in a power disparity scenario. Individuals who engage in the shoemaking sector are known as shoemakers, cobblers, and cordwainers.

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