What Should You Look for When Choosing Company T-Shirt Design?

Every business must have uniform shirts. Period. Company shirts provide several benefits for your business, from the smallest startups to the largest establishments: legitimacy, professionalism, branding, and, if done well, style points. Along with improved look, team spirit, and the feeling of being respected and valued, employees benefit. 

This page offers a ton of information and design tips if you’re looking for personalized company T-shirt designs. The following six suggestions will help you design company shirts that you can be proud of:

1. Choose a garment that fits your requirements

Your initial decision—the clothing—is perhaps the most crucial. You and your employees will proudly wear it to promote the company. Most importantly, if they are uniforms, wear them to work every day. Select clothing that fulfils the triple requirements of being acceptable, cozy, and stylish.

T-shirts, polo shirts, and button-up/dress shirts are the three basic styles of company shirts that can be personalized. You have a lot of options, including the type of fabric, which might make the decision appear difficult. The questions that follow are the easiest to ask in order to narrow it down and the answers will help you pick the right T-shirt.

  • What are these shirts used for? (Promotional materials, casual clothing, gifts, etc.)
  • How will they be worn? (Administrators, supervisors, workers, etc.)
  • When they’ll be worn next? (Every day, a single occasion, holidays, etc.)
  • What circumstances? (Will you wear it outdoors in the heat? Or climate-controlled areas, etc.)
  • How much does each shirt cost? (Can you afford to purchase high-end goods, etc.)

2. Choose the right shades for the project.

The majority of people don’t grasp how significant this choice is. From a marketing viewpoint, the psychology of color and how it influences consumer behavior is a whole science unto itself. However, do not immediately change your brand’s colours, especially if they are already well-known. Instead, take everything with a grain of salt. There are simpler explanations for why you should pick one color for your work shirts over another.

3. Print your logo in the right place.

For instance, businesses must print logo on shirt in the left chest and full back combination. For executives, sales representatives, waiters, etc. an embroidered left chest logo is perfect.

4. Pick a message that clicks with the customers

T-shirt designs are messages in the purest meaning of the word. Knowing the message, you want to deliver as a business is essential, as is putting that message out there with assurance and clarity.

A compelling message builds trust and provides some further information. A call-to-action, sometimes known as an instruction, is something you should truly provide the reader. 

5. Make a visually appealing design

Finally, we reach the general layout. Is a complete rebranding necessary, or should the design be updated? Legacy artwork and logos that have been used by a company carry their own merit. But even the oldest brands occasionally require a revamp. Some businesses have undergone significant changes.

Making the right choice on whether to refresh yourself is crucial, especially if your brand is well-known. There are many company t-shirt designs that are sure to add an aesthetic look to the company T-shirt.

That being said, the more time and work you should put into a makeover, the more established your company is, especially if your logo is legendary. Don’t just do it because you can, especially if you can recognize somebody by name or image.

6. Place your order with care.

The last tip is to place the right order. Hence, it is necessary to get every team member’s size. Get the sizing guide and work with companies such as Budget Uniform who can help you with visualizing how each member will look. It is also necessary to order more shirts than you have. These extras will come in handy if an employee loses, stains or damages their shirt.

Here are our top six suggestions for designing company uniform shirts. Are you prepared to place your order? We at Budget Uniform are the top company T-shirt design suppliers in the Oman. We provide customized uniforms at the best price. Call us to know more at +968 79 50 1107.

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